Annada Silk Art Scarf 'Om Kolthom Inta Omry Blue'

Limited edition scarf 'Inta Omry - Blue'
by artist Hassan Haidar

"Based on a song sang by the legendary Om Kolthom. Om Kolthom always sang with a scarf in her hand- swaying it with the rhythmic beats of the music. This scarf was made in tribute to her and her musical career. This song says, “Your eyes have taken me to those old days; they taught me to regret the past and its wounds. What my eyes have seen before you, is time that should not have been counted from my years”. 

100% silk. Available in small size 45 x 45cm. Framing can be arranged on request, please allow up to 10 days. 

The Annada scarf range comes beautifully packaged in a Tiffany blue bag and box with a pretty ribbon.

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