Annada Silk Art Scarf 'Lead the Way'

Limited edition scarf "Lead the Way"
by Bahraini Artist Abbas Almosawi

Heritage and identity are always welcomed elements of a well-put together outfit. The impressionist artwork on this scarf portrays yet another beautiful scene from one of Bahrain’s old souqs. Cool colors against warm illuminate silhouettes in the distance, leading the way to better days. it.

"Lead the way, take my hand.
In this world of color, Alone I shall never stand.
My companion, my con dant, my friend.
Our summer adventures will never end.

Glad we are writing our stories together;
Filled with jokes, chuckles and laughter.
My life would never be the same
without my best friend inside its frame

Framing can be arranged on request, please allow up to 10 days. 

100% silk twill. The Annada scarf range comes beautifully packaged in a Tiffany blue bag and box with a pretty ribbon.

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