Meet Nora

The process of jewellery making, for Nora Fouad, is an exploration of light and passion. From heating the raw metals to forge her art, to crafting those pieces into geometric shapes that she believes enhance positive energy, she seeks to create beauty. Norification is the process of bringing that light into the everyday.

Born in Cairo, Nora became heavily involved in the theatre scene, studying Drama at Helwan University, and then working as a stage manager for independent performance troupes for 3 years. During that time, she joined the esteemed Art Jameel Cairo Program, with the Prince's School of Traditional Arts. Her studies unlocked a new world for Nora, and she began to understand the mysteries of "The City of 1000 Minarets". The geometrical and floral engravings in the ancient architecture she passed in the streets everyday suddenly came to life, as she realized each pattern stirred a feeling in her, each shape had an energy. She began to see life in a new way as well, becoming aware of how everything in the Universe is connected to each other, and to nature, all of it thrumming with energy. This euphoric revelation that she'd found her true passion sparked a turning point for Nora, and drove her to keep learning more and to teach what she'd learned to others. She sought out other artisans and craftsman to learn more techniques, pairing her research with their experience in an effort to preserve the roots and true meaning of Islamic traditional art. Nora also believes strongly in the energy of the forms used in this art, and became very passionate about making the beauty and positivity of these shapes accessible to people in their everyday lives. 


This is how Norification was founded. Noor, a name in Arabic which means "light", represents the intention of her jewellery, something born of love that gives nourishment and purification and light to all people. From the beginning of the process she pours all the love and agony of her life experiences from her hands, selecting the raw, hard metals and heating them to shape something extraordinary. Nora seeks to inspire others to see the possibilities in the unexpected, introducing new generations to these materials and teaching workshops and courses to help others express themselves through this medium.

Nora is currently celebrating tradition by crafting new pieces featuring Pharonic motifs from ancient Egypt.

 Click here to view Nora's full collection of jewellery inspired by Islamic geometry and arabesque. patterns.