Annada Scarf 'Kawkab Al-Sharq (Star of the East)

Limited Edition Silk Scarf 'Kawkab Al-Sharq' (Star of the East)
by artist Jamal Abdul Rahim

From an eastern planet came a rising star.
Fans called her “Soma” praising her from near to far.

With a voice so magical and words of dictation,
Her majestic songs taught love to the whole nation.

For you, we take our hats off and stand.
A legend so epic demands a gesture this grand.

200 x 60 cm, 100% silk chiffon. 

The Annada scarf range is produced in limited quantities, each design is printed a maximum of 100 times. They come beautifully packaged in a Tiffany blue bag and box with a pretty ribbon.

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