Annada Silk Art Scarf 'Kingdom of Fez - Tarboosh'

Limited edition scarf Kingdom of Fez - Tarboosh
by artist Faika Al Hassan

Square: 90 x 90 cm / 35.4 x 35.4 in, 100% silk twill. Framing can be arranged on request, please allow up to 10 days. 

The Kingdom of Fez was the name given to the northern part of Morocco, by the Idrisid dynasty in the 8th century. It was once given to all of Morocco when the capital was located in Fez.

Over time, the famous fez, with its red color and dangling tassel came to be seen as part of the Oriental cultural identity. The vibrant colors reflect the beautiful colors of spring in Morocco and the Fez, Worn by men and even women overtime is a transcendent fashion item that represents a beautiful traditional era. 

About the artist:
Born in Bahrain with a degree in Economics from the University of Baghdad. Faika Al Hassan studied fine arts and painting in Bahrain and Lebanon to become an active artist for over a decade now. In her early career her works centered on depictions of women, the body taking center stage. 

While not overly political, Faika Al Hassan's paintings at times contain allusions to the politics of power and violence. The overriding message though, is that of our own insignificance in the large scheme of things. The small human figures in her paintings travel the canvas in large numbers and at times in groups, yet are all isolated from one another. They travel along paths and may not understand where they are heading. At times it seems that the figures are trapped by the rectangular canvases they inhabit as if in a maze. 

Experimentation is a key element in Faika Al Hassan's art practice. The backgrounds of her paintings are created through the use of sponges, knives and other tools and materials, creating the characteristic block structure of her paintings. Her preferred materials are charcoal and acrylic paint. The circle is a dominant motif in Faika Al Hassan's paintings, at times the symbol for the universal or in other times simply representing balloons, bubbles, our illusions of power and influence.

The Annada scarf range comes beautifully packaged in a Tiffany blue bag and box with a pretty ribbon.

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