Gold Necklace "Ayat Al Kursi" (آية الكرسي)

The Calligraphy is a part of the Throne Verse Ayat Al Kursi (Arabic: آية الكرسي). It is the most famous verse of the Quran and is widely memorized and displayed in the islamic world due to its emphatic description of God's power.

Each piece is authentic and individual, designed by Oytun Camcigil who is an expert on Middle Eastern Bedouin jewellery and currently writing a book on the subject.  

Pendant is 24 carat gold plated on Sterling silver sold with leather necklace, you also have the option of using your own gold necklace with the pendant. Pendant size 4cm (1.6") and total length of necklace 40cm (15.7").

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