Natural Face Soap with Camel Milk

Natural Face Soap Collection

When it comes to facial cleansing we believe in simple, effective cleaning: just pure, natural soap and water.

Our face soaps are especially formulated to be gentle enough to use on your face every day. Made with a lush blend of pure vegetable oils they’re packed with anti-aging antioxidants and natural moisturisers. We intensify the nourishing effects by adding shea butter and a minimum of 25% camel milk.

Developed in three skin-type formulas, our face soaps help wash away the stress of pollution, protecting the skin’s natural moisture balance so there’s no taut feeling or dryness - just fresh radiant skin

Citrus - Cleansing, Balanced
Citrus face soaps contain a fabulous combination of Orange, Lemon and Tea Tree oils as well as Mango Butter. The oils are helpful in the treatment of sunburn, inflammatory skin conditions & stabilizing oily skin.These oils are great for treating acne & blemished skins and helps in the regeneration of new skin cells. We add Mango Butter to our Citrus face soaps. Mango butter is luxurious and lubricating, healing and regenerative, and simply great for problem skins.

Lavender - Healing, Soothing
Contains lavender essential oil and rich Cocoa butter. Lavender promotes new skin growth and has amazing antiseptic & anti-inflammatory properties. Our amazing lavender face soap can help smooth skin disorders such as eczema, dermatitis and dry skin. Cocoa butter is naturally rich in polyphenols which help to diminish the signs of aging, improve collagen retention/production & skin elasticity. Cocoa Butter helps reduce dryness and restores elasticity.

Unscented - Gentle, Cleansing
With Cocoa Butter, which is naturally rich in polyphenols that help to diminish the signs of aging, improve collagen retention/production & skin elasticity. Our unscented face soaps are great for soothing sensitive skin suffering from dermatitis and rashes.

Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Rice Bran Oil, Castor Oil, Camel Milk, Cocoa Butter.

Why Camel Milk?
Milk has long been a revered cosmetic ingredient. The Bedouin have known of the curative powers of camel milk for thousands of years, traditionally using camel fat and milk to protect their skin from the sun. Scientific studies in the Middle East and Europe have proven the unusual medicinal properties and healing benefits of camel milk.

Camel milk contains valuable alpha hydroxyl acids which plump the skin and smooth fine lines. Additionally, it contains protective proteins with powerful anti-­bacterial, anti-­viral and anti-­fungal properties.

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