ShaMOUaee Soy Cream Candles “Desert Blend”

This is a brilliant completely natural treatment for dry skin areas like feet, elbows and lips. The melted wax turns into a luxuriously rich and nourishing cream which smells divine. 

Made with shea butter, sweet almond oil (helps aging skin as it eliminates impurities, removes dead skin cells and stimulates cell renewal), essent ial oils (bergamot, vanilla, frankincense and musk) suspended in 100% grade 1 soy wax. 

To use simply light the candle and wait about 15-20 minutes until melt pool forms. Extinguish candle, dip fingers into oil (or use spoon) and apply directly to the skin. If you would rather not burn your candle, scoop a little out using a spoon or finger and simply rub it directly on your skin! Trim wick to 1/4 inch after first use.

All the oils used in these candles are essential oils, either organic or premium quality suitable for use on the body. 

Caution: Those allergic to nut based products should not use Soy candles on the skin.

Handmade in Riyadh by ShaMOUaee, sold by Saudi Arts & Crafts

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