Princess Handbag Gift Set

Wish you could send someone a dragon or a hairy monster in the post??!
Inspired by Ogres?!
Want to make a note on a Traveling Camel?
Feel like sticking little frogs, lions, dubas, kittens or hearts all over your face??
Or maybe you're looking to send a beautiful set of some of Halla's greatest characters to a friend as a birthday present......

These characters are taken from the beautiful illustration in 'Let's Play'. Book sold separately. 
-Mini Greeting Cards
-Colouring book
-Mini erasers
- Beautiful reusable Princess handbag

About the Author:

Widely respected throughout the Kingdom, and internationally, Halla bint Khalid is regarded as one of the first generation of real fine artist/authors to come out of the country in modern times.  Author of over 17 different titles, in both Arabic and English, her stories range from classic Arabic nursery rhymes and dreamy desert fables, to swash-buckling adventures of pirate caries, treasure hunts and mystery riddles. Charismatic, charming, funny and engaging, Halla is the glowing spirit of her children's books.

Publishing in Saudi Arabia is an unimaginably tough undertaking, yet Halla oversees her world from beginning to end, refusing to compromise at all in her quest to achieve the highest quality of craftsmanship in her works. 

To learn more about Halla bint Khalid visit her website

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