Necklace with kufic calligraphy 'Al Hamdullilah'-silver

Necklace Sterling silver with onyx stone and Kufic calligraphy 'Al Hamdalillah الحمد لله‎' which is an Arabic phrase meaning "All Praise and Thanks to God". It is commonly used by Arabic speakers of all religions.

Kufic is the oldest calligraphic form of the various Arabic scripts and consists of a modified form of the old Nabataean scrip. Kufic developed around the end of the 7th century in Kufa, Iraq, from which it takes its name, and other centres. Until about the 11th century it was the main script used to copy Qur'ans.

Also available in gold.

Designed by Iraqi designer mimi g, handmade in London and Cairo. 


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