Noqta Calligraphy Series by Samir Savegh

Noqta Series 
1st edition | 150 copies | Silkscreen on Stucco Tintoretto Gesso 160g

Samir is a Lebanese master calligrapher, art critic, historian, poet, writer and researcher. He is the author of several studies and articles on contemporary and Islamic art and is considered as one of the most avant-garde Arab master calligraphers. He was recently honoured during the first biennial of Sharjah for Arabic calligraphy.

Driven by a deep interest in the formal power of letters, Samir seeks to liberate calligraphy from language and meaning and focuses instead on the aesthetic properties of the written word.

50 x 70 cm (19.7" x 27.6") on foam board ready to hang. Sold individually. 

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