Historical Reproduction "The Kaaba in Mecca"

The Kaaba in Mecca photographic reproduction 

This early photo is taken from the Dutch scholar, Von C. Snouck Hurgronje's, Bilder Aus Mekka, published in 1888. It is one of the earliest series of photos by a European photographer to show Mecca and the Hajj.

Legend has it that the original House of prayer was built here by Adam, which washed away during the great flood of Noah's time. A thousand years later Abraham's wife Hagar used to live in a house on the same spot with her son. After her death Abraham was ordered by God to make Hagar’s house into a temple where people could pray. Therefore, he demolished the house and began construction of the Kaaba. God gave Abraham precise instructions concerning how to rebuild the shrine and Gabriel showed him the location. Upon completion of the structure, Abraham and Ishmael, accompanied by the archangel Gabriel, then performed all the elements which constitute the Hajj ritual of today. The Kaaba they had constructed was destined to become the most important sacred site of the nomadic tribes that inhabited the great Arabian deserts. (Abraham was later to leave Mecca to die in Palestine in Al-Khalil)

Photo printed on high quality canvas and mounted with a double matt with a thin red border to enhance the photo. Also available framed or with bespoke inscription (please allow up to 10 days). 

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