Historical photo "Old Riyadh & Masmak Fort" with custom inscription

Historical "Old Riyadh & Masmak Fort" photograph

Framed with custom inscription in window cut. Examples of message that can be added: "Family xxxx, Riyadh 2013 - 2016"

The Qasr Al Masmak lies on the outskirts of present day Riyadh, a reminder of the times when it used to stand guarding the city against marauding armies. Literally meaning the strong fortress, the Masmak fort was built in 1865 by the then prince of Riyadh Abdulrahman ibn Suleiman ibn Dabaan. This fortress has starred in the defining moment of the restoration of the Al Saud dynasty to the Saudi throne. In January 1902 the young Abd al-Aziz Ibn Abd al-Rahman Ibn Faisal Al Saud succeeded in recapturing it from his predecessor Mohammed Ibn Abdullahaziz Ibn Rasheed. This event has acquired almost mythical status in Saudi history, with tales of the heroism of the young king told and re-told several times. Today it is a museum and part of the King Abdul Aziz Historical Centre.

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