Camel Soap - Luxury Oriental Collection

The Luxury Oriental Collection

Inspired by the Arabian mystique this collection of soaps is both luxurious and evocative, available in the following fragrances: Aromatic Wood, Musk, Mukhallat and Oud

Aromatic Wood - Bold, Masculine
Masculine and robust this confident blend of Aromatic Woods subtly underscored with Sandalwood will keep you feeling fresh and confident all day

Musk - Alluring, Passionate
Rumored since ancient times to be a heady aphrodisiac, Musk is sensual and warm. Evocative and enticing it is the promise of dark romantic nights...

Mukhallat - Refined, beguiling
Elegantly floral, distinctly feminine, our Mukhallat oil is the subtlest blend of the purest of oils - notes of rose and jasmine softly hint at stolen moments in an oriental garden

Oud - Mysterious, Luxurious
Synonymous with luxury, Oud is an astonishingly rare oil. Rich and complex in scent, it opens with slightly sweet top notes: -  but it is the deep woody base notes that linger. Oud is the very essence of the Arabian mystique.

Each bar of soap is lovingly handcrafted using a centuries old process called ‘cold process soap making’ and is entirely free from harmful man-­made ingredients providing only a pure, moisture-­rich cleansing experience for the face and body. 

Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Camel Milk, Fragrance

Why Camel Milk?
Milk has long been a revered cosmetic ingredient. The Bedouin have known of the curative powers of camel milk for thousands of years, traditionally using camel fat and milk to protect their skin from the sun. Scientific studies in the Middle East and Europe have proven the unusual medicinal properties and healing benefits of camel milk.

Camel milk contains valuable alpha hydroxyl acids which plump the skin and smooth fine lines. Additionally, it contains protective proteins with powerful anti-­bacterial, anti-­viral and anti-­fungal properties.

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