Bronze Horse Statue

Replica of an original statue found at Qaryet-el-Fau in Saudi Arabia and now exhibited at the National Museum, Riyadh. It is a decorative couch end or arm rest, most likely from Roman times (1st century AD). It is believed that the figure at the base of the horse represents Artemis, the goddess of wildlife and patroness of hunters.

Made of bronze and pewter, it is hand-cast in a sand mold – the traditional technique that requires a new mold to be produced for each casting. As a result no two statues are identical.

Can be used as a decorative item or as a book end. 

The original statue is part of the "Roads of Arabia" exhibition which highlights recently discovered artifacts from Saudi’s ancient past. This exhibition was first displayed in Le Louvres, then toured Barcelona, St. Petersburg, Berlin and recently the Smithsonian's Sackler Gallery in Washington DC.

Saudi Arts & Crafts is one of the few authorised reseller of the exhibition's gift range. All items are designed and produced by the National Museum of Riyadh and handmade in the region.

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