Annada Silk Art Scarf 'Freedom'

Limited edition scarf "Freedom"
by Bahraini Artist Jamal Abdul Rahim

If you are in search of a delicate and minimal accessory, you have found the one. A wispy and light blue scarf that features the print of a minimal calligraphic artwork that peaks through the folds of the scarf. May it be on your bag or adorning your neck, this is the go-to piece for soft addition to your look.

"Hiding thought, afraid of action.
To be or not to be, is not the question.
Everyone is unique without any exception
with stories to be told, and dots needing connection.

Under the blue sky we’ll unfold.
Seeing the truth, we are strong, we are bold.
Just wait and see, set your mind free,
and you’ll be, everything you are meant to be

Framing can be arranged on request, please allow up to 10 days. 

100% silk twill. The Annada scarf range comes beautifully packaged in a Tiffany blue bag and box with a pretty ribbon.

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