"The Grand Mosque" Limited Edition print - green

"The Grand Mosque" by artist Jennifer Simon.

Jennifer was born in the UK, grew up in Australia and has lived in the United Arab Emirates since 2000.  She first emerged on the Abu Dhabi Art Scene in 2007 with her successful solo exhibition titled "Lifescapes". She is widely known for her unique depiction of global urban cityscape's, which consist of large canvases awash with bright colours.

Since then her work has evolved and now includes the people that inhabit the cities, drawing inspiration from her time in the Middle East and earlier globetrotting. 

Along side Corporate and Community Murals, art workshops and charity auctions, Jen has just undertaken her second residency at the Ewaa Women's Shelter. Under the Initiative of ADMAF (Abu Dhabi music and Arts Foundation) and working closely with the Ewaa staff, Jen facilitates art workshops with women who have been victims of human trafficking. In May 2012 the first exhibition "Silent Voices" was held at Ghaf Gallery in Abu Dhabi. It was a major success and the artwork produced by the victims raised nearly a quarter of a million dirhams for the Shelter.

Printed on canvas stretched on wooden frame. Size 80 x 40cm.

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