Hope Earrings with Rose Quartz & Rumi Poetry

The design of these earrings was inspired by the traditional prayer beads (Tasbeh) used in the region since ancient times. The calligraphy is inspired by the following poem by Rumi, a Persian poet widely admired in Afghanistan:

I have a cave (From Persian) 
"You are my cave. You are my friend. Enslave me and defend me.
O only Noah that I know, O opener now open,
O heart restored before the secret door where you befriend me!
You are the light, the banquet night, the victim’s victory.
You are the hoopoe bird of Sinai, set to swoop and rend me.
You are the stream. You are the sea. You are the lenient tyrant.
You are the poison and the sugar. Friend, do not torment me.
You are the chamber of the sun, the stations of the stars,
You are the prairie green with hope. Show me the way and send me.
You are my dawn, my Ramadan, the alms that I begged for and won.
You are the jar. You are the water. Slake me with water. Mend me."

Handmade in London by designer Sima Vaziry with rose quartz and Sterling silver.

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