Saudi Palm Leaf Tray (pink)

Tray size: 26cm wide (10" wide).

Unlike many of the baskets found in the Riyadh souks these days, our baskets are locally made the traditional Saudi way by Um Fahad who learnt her craft from her mother.

Palm leaves are dried, then cut into thin strips using a finger nail and then woven into different shapes. The strips are then softened by soaking them in water. In times of drought, the palm leaves are soaked in camel milk. Sometimes the strips are dyed to create more colourful pattern. These woven items range from the flat bowls, used to store camel milk, to the round baskets used to store jewellery or spices and herbs. 

The woven handicrafts take up a lot of time to make, so women usually devote their time during the day to complete their chores and leave the task of basket-weaving for the afternoon.


     Meet Um Fahad

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