Genuine Antique Bedouin necklace with Lapis

Traditionally, Bedouin jewellery is made of silver, usually studded with amber, coral, agate, cornelian, pearls or turquoise. Most pieces are large and dramatic. Necklaces and pendants characteristically feature silver bells, balls, coloured beads, coins and links of intricate chainmail mesh, most have their surfaces decorated with either abstract motifs or flowing curvilinears inspired by the teachings of the holy Qur'an.
Bedouin women receive their jewellery as a wedding present. Customarily, a prospective bridegroom pays the bride's father a dowry, part of which he uses to buy jewellery for his daughter. Under Muslim law, any jewellery bestowed on the bride in this nuptial settlement becomes her own property and insurance in times of need.

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